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It is a type of chemical peel especially designed to be applied exclusively to the pigmented area that we intend to treat. It has an intense clraifying and depigmenting effect.

Box containing 3 vials of 5 ml.

– Reduction of hyperchromic spots (sun, hormonal or aging).
– Integral facial rejuvenation.
– Fine wrinkles.
– Acne scars.
– Skin stretch-marks.
– Devitalised skin, lightless, matte, with non-uniform or discolored coloration.


PH 0.5
Nº. Reg. AEMPS 527-PE


Active ingredients: Resorcinol 14%, Trichloroacetic acid 14%, Lactic acid 13%, Salicylic acid 5%, Retinol 0,2%

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