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Workshop with our distributor from P.R.China

First workshop held on 16 December 2015 in our new installations with our distibuidor from P.R.China.


Multi-protection screen of maximum effectiveness.


Treatment for hyperpigmentation.

Home hyperpigmentation treatment with biomimetic peptides.
This depigmentating cream of daily use is designed for skins with age or sun spots, hormonal changes and pregnancy.
Inhibits the tyrosine and melanin genesis. Eliminates the stimulus of ultraviolet rays in melanocytes. Great antioxidant power, radical free, stimulant of the collagen production, skin renovating. Lightening, hydrating and soothing.


Special packaging for P.R.CHINA

Packaging especial para la R.P.CHINA.

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Skin cleasing

Regardless of age, cleansing and purifying the skin daily remains the best beauty treatment.

Whatever the skin type, daily cleaning is a must in any treatment to be effective, because the skin is more receptive to cosmetic products.

SIMILDIET S.L. Laboratorios recommends cleansing as first step in any treatment. We have efficient cleansing and cleaning products, conceived and formulated with the same technologies of the most innovative beauty products.



Important information for aesthetic professionals of Mexico and other areas of influence.
In the Mexican market, a presumably cosmetic product has appeared with a presentation and format that are NEITHER manufactured NOR commercialized by SIMILDIET™ LABORATORIOS. The packaging simulates our product “Lipotrofin™” with the name Lipotrofin™ Coctel Super Reductor Plus, brand, text, grammatical forms and logotype. Moreover, this Fake Product DOES NOT carry our holographic security seal. All our original SIMILDIET™ products have this holographic seal. We have to communicate that this product is completely fake. It does not belong to our brand, we are not responsible at all, of its possible side effects, therefore we kindly recommend you not to purchase it. IT IS NOT AN ORIGINAL SIMILDIET PRODUCT. On behalf of SIMILDIET™ we will employ all the necessary means to denounce and solve this regrettable act.

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Biomimetic peptides

The Xtra line represents a giant step forward in SIMILDIET's™ dermocosmetic development. Fusing our traditional active ingredients and biomimetic peptides places us at the forefront of even the most advanced cosmeceutical companies.

By using biomimetic peptides we are acting on the innermost mechanisms of cell physiology. Biomimetic peptides interact as biocatalyzers, they participate or inhibit inter-cell communication, activate metabolic processes and produce an overall biostimulation of the skin. They are structurally identical to those found in human skin which means they can intervene in physiological mechanisms with a highly specific overall action.


Treatment for hyperpigmentation.

Home hyperpigmentation treatment with biomimetic peptides..
Is an intensive depigmentating and clarifying serum of topic use. It is based on active principles of vegetal origin mixed together with biomimetic peptides.


We expand our Xtra line with three new products.

Stretch marks removal treatment..
It acts regenerating the collagen fibers and elastin, recovers the hydrolipidic structure, progressively the skin recovers its natural tone, stabilizes the cellular regeneration process keeping the results previously obtained.

Treatment for hyperpigmentation.
It acts decreasing melanin synthesis, therefore reduces skin pigmentation, age spots and freckles. It provides a clearing effect, illuminating, does not matify the skin, homogenizing and depigmentating to the skin, recovering its vitality, luminosity and transparency.

Specific treatment for facial expression wrinkles with biomimetic peptides.
Facelift Xtra reduces facial expression wrinkles produced by the constant repetition movements caused by muscle contraction of facial expression. It has a global anti-ageing effect, moisturizing and precursor of the collagen synthesis, elastin and proteoglycans.


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